Friday, October 27, 2006

Wise gets nasty and makes first signing

According to this piece in todays Guardian Wise said "I've told the players I want them to be a bit like the Leeds of before, who were horrible. I've explained that I want a bit of that nastiness and togetherness.". We don't want to get a reputation for being dirty and we don't want to get lots of red and yellow cards but if he means the same sort of grit, determination and togetherness that say Reading exhibited last season then I say brilliant.

Meanwhile speaking of Reading and according the BBC here - Graham Stack (Readings 2nd choice keeper) has become Dennis Wise's first signing - on loan for the next three months

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Nicola said...

They do seem to have lost the plot a bit - they need a firm hand .......... hope they managed to pull through and get some kind of renewal going.