Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thaksin wants to return to Thailand

But according to articles in The Nation here and The Bangkok Post here he will not be allowed to return until martial law has been lifted and even then there is some uncertainty as to whether or not he will be allowed to return home.

Thaksin wants to come home but must know that rightly or wrongly there will be some music to face. On the other hand his supporters may welcome him with open arms which in turn may make it more difficult for the coup leaders to prosecute him.

The coup leaders I suspect are torn between bringing Thaksin home so that they can prosecute him and the knowledge that bringing him home may in itself trigger the violence they wish to avoid.

Maybe a compromise will be reached in the coming weeks whereby Thaksin does a deal which enables him to return without prosecution if certain undertakings are given with regard to him not participating in Thai politics in the future. Mind you even this will leave open the question of Thai Rak Thai and its members or former members an their participation in the next set of elections

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