Thursday, October 12, 2006

Boiled egg cracked

I should declare an interest here or perhaps more accurately a lack of interest. I cannot stand eggs. I am not sure if I am technically allergic to them as I am able to eat cakes and biscuits etc quite happily but give me an egg in egg form and I am likely to vomit. However, this article in yesterdays Guardian caught my eye.

The age-old problem of how to cook the perfect boiled egg may have been solvedby doing away with the boiling water. A British inventor, Simon Rhymes, has created a machine that uses light bulbs to cook the egg and lops the top off at exactly the right height for toast soldier dunking.

Lets hope someone in the UK takes this up and Mr Rhymes doesn't end up having to go abroad to get his creation produced.


Jock Coats said...

Charles Windsor should sponsor it!

MsDemmie said...

One nifty device if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

There was something that sounds very similar in a recent episode of Dragon's Den (there's a clip of it on that show's website and it's repeated tonight on BBC2) - if it's a different guy I reckon that the Dragon in question must be livid right now! ;)