Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bates please act

Leeds United are in free fall at present. Blackwell had clearly lost the dressing room and had to go. Good decision. Then John Carver is given a go. Fair Decision. It seems reasonable to let someone who knows the players and who was the assistant manager and who has worked at other big clubs have a go at turning the situation round.

In his first match we beat Birmingham 3-2 although given Birminghams recent slump in form it does not look so good with hindsight. Then we lost 4-2, 4-0, 2-1 finally yesterday 5-1 to Luton. A report can be found here. 15 goals shipped in four games!. His chance has gone and clearly some stability needs to be brought to the club in general and the dressing room in particular.

There is probably some dead wood in the dressing room but these are generally the same players that got to the playoff final last season so in theory with some organisation and determination a half decent manager should be able to turn things around. Come on Ken please sort out a decent appointment as the new manager a.s.a.p. If it is left much longer we will have to be working out how trim our budgets to life in Division 1!

Speaking of budgets and difficulties with managing them it did amuse me to see this article in the Guardian about Peter Ridsdale lining up a takeover for Cardiff. Good luck boys you will probably need it. How this guy is allowed to continue as a director of a football club let alone take one over is beyond me.


Mark Valladares said...


This particular Luton Town supporter sympathises. Having had a plastic pitch, a ghastly Tory MP as Chairman and then watched the team go from top division to bottom, I know what it's like to see a good team go bad.

It'll get better though, Leeds are too big a club for things to stay as they are for long.

Tony Ferguson said...

Mark cheers for that - I hope you are right although things look very grim at present - just back from watching Arsenal take apart Reading - by far and away the best team to visit the Madejski Stadium since it was built