Saturday, October 14, 2006

Reading push for expansion

Having reached the Premiership and the top flight of English football after a mere 135 years of existence and as the oldest team in the top flight they are not about to stand still. Reading have announced plans to expand their stadium from 24,000 capacity up to approximately 38,000.

According to the official site "Additional seating will be added to the existing single-tier North, South and East Stands, and a new roof will be constructed over each stand. The West Stand will not be affected. The existing on-site access road will be realigned to accommodate the enlarged stadium. Other existing car parking and site infrastructure may have minor alterations, but it is not intended to increase the on-site car parking capacity. Therefore, the planning application will also address transportation issues associated with additional off-site car parking and related increases in public transport provision necessary to deal with the new capacity."

As far as I can see from personal experience nobody is going to object to the ground expansion other than on the grounds of transport and parking issues. These are the two things which need to be addressed at present and will need enormous work if they current parking arrangements and road network are to cater for another 14,000 fans on a regular basis.

In other news it looks as if another former Reading player is due to become a league manager with Peter Grant rumoured to be taking over at Norwich.

Meanwhile Reading take on Chelsea in the Premiership today. More on that tomorrow. Off to the game now and hoping that they show the sort of spirit that earnt them a point in their last home game against Manchester United.