Thursday, October 12, 2006

Carver should look at Northern Ireland

I am not going to comment much on the disastrous performance by England last night. The BBC have a report here and the Guardian report can be found here. Suffice to say that Mclaren is now getting the stick that is to be expected for anyone who takes on the England job. He wouldn't have been my choice in the first place but he has to be given a chance at least until the end of the qualifiers.

I am more interested in the Northern Ireland result. A report of last nights 1-0 defeat of Latvia can be found here. David Healy scored the only goal. Northern Ireland beat Spain 3-2 a month ago. David Healy scored all three goals. A report of that game can be found here. For someone who has never played a Premiership game he is not doing badly on the international scene and has now scored 24 goals in 54 appearances for Northern Ireland.

I listened to Lawrie Sanchez on the radio this morning. He made it very clear that the Northern Ireland team was set up to play to Healys strengths. I hope John Carver was listening and can apply some of the same rationale to the way he sets up the Leeds team

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