Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dull as Dishwater

I have decided to take part in the one day in history blogging event where one chronicles an ordinary day in the life of someone in the UK. If anyone else wants to get involved then click here for more details. I suspect that if everyone chronicles their day as it is then a lot of these blogs (including mine) will be extremely dull. I will post this up and continue to add to it throughout the day.

My alarm went at 6.45 as usual and I set off for work in Reading. The M4 was a lot quieter than usual so I can only assume that there was an accident somewhere west of Junction 12. Walked into town and picked up a baguette for my breakfast before returning to my desk where a series of urgent issues need to be resolved.

Somebody needs a whole load of process maps on their laptop to do an external presentation and the maps are not up to date and they do not know how to get them onto their laptop. Oh and their laptop is playing up and they have gone to a meeting ho hum.

Meanwhile we are still awaiting a custom piece of software which is being written for use by our team. It should have been implemented by the end of September but we have not even got as far as System testing yet and the lack of this software is impacting on our customers who are starting to jump up and down.

One of my colleagues has tried to use our process mapping software in a meeting room and it wouldn't work so I had to go and troubleshoot that as well. Got it working even though I am not technical support. Off to grab a coffee.

Finally resolved the problem with the presentation which was all to do with file access rights to the html files which were needed to run the presentation remotely from the main software. Nipped out to get some fruit for my lunch (all part of my efforts to diet and lose a couple of stone). Also booked the Harley in to try and get my rear wheel sorted out as it appears to have the slowest slow puncture ever.

Spent an hour or so sorting my emails out, it is amazing how much time is spent every day sorting out and replying to work or personal emails. Then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to work out some details for a rollout of process mapping software to 300 people.

Home to the usual domestic chores and time spent on the PC, eating a lovely Dinner cooked by my daughter-in-law, watching football and playing with the kittens who are just the most demented things on earth.

And so to bed

I just knew this would be dull - god knows what thousands of entries like this are going to read like to some historian in 100 or 1000 years time!

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