Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More support for wind farms

Ofgem says the current arrangements fro those who install microgeneration units and sell any surplus electricity are too complex for customers, with some people not being paid for power they supply back to networks.

The regulator has also urged suppliers to act as a one-stop shop for information on how to install microgeneration units and to help customers obtain meters that can register exports of surplus electricity they may want to sell.

Ofgem went on to say "Suppliers need to compete against each other to raise their game and address these issues so they can respond to the growing numbers of customers that want to generate their own power.

Ofgem threatened that "If they (the Suppliers) are unable to successfully do that, then new legislation could force us to set prices and terms for the sale of surplus electricity back to the networks."

Meanwhile Chris Huhne has called for Ofgem to be given the power to encourage wind farms and that the government should encourage more investment in wind energy by designating planning zones appropriate for wind turbines. See his press release here.

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