Wednesday, October 25, 2006

4 managers in a month

Kevin Blackwell departed at the end of September and John Carver took over. On Monday John Carver too departed and David Geddis was appointed for last nights game against Southend. Yesterday Dennis Wise and his assistant Gus Poyet were confirmed as the new management team. They were at Elland Road last night to watch Leeds take on Southend in the Carling Cup.

The two of them walked around the ground before kick off and were given a far better reception by the Leeds fans than I feared. WACCOE had a poll running on how people felt about the appointment of Dennis Wise and approximately 70% were delighted or pleased when I voted last night.

The opening half in particular will have shown Wise and Poyet just how much work needs to be done as Leeds lost 3-1. In particular some serious work needs to be done on a very leaky defence. They face Southend again on Saturday

If anyone wants the Dennis Wise autobiography then click here

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