Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Fascinating report from the CPRE which can be found here about tranquility in the UK or perhaps more accurately the lack of tranquilty.

The two images shown above represent the South East and the South West of the UK and show very contrasting pictures in terms of the amount of peace and quiet we are likely to find in these two areas. It is interesting to see the relative tranquility of whole areas of the North and North West as well. This ties in well with the recent concerns I expressed about the north / south divide here

Of course I suspect that there are many in the North, North West and South West of the country who are only to glad to see the rest of us trying deparately to cram more and more into the South East!

Regional tranquility maps can be found here


Joe Otten said...

Looking at the maps, road noise is obviously a big factor quite some distance from the roads, affecting a considerable area.

Nicola said...

I love my bit of green :) although as Joe says that pesky road (A39) is a tad noisy at times. It is a fascinating map - I had not expected so much red in our part of the world.