Monday, October 09, 2006

Reading fans get an apology

Reading fans have at last got the apology from one national newspaper that they feel they deserve. Paul Wilson wrote his apology here in Sundays Observer.

He said "Get ready, Reading fans, here is the unreserved and really quite grovelsome apology to which you are unquestionably entitled. At the start of the season I rather flippantly predicted Reading would be the new Sunderland, prompting a rash of emails from indignant supporters who said Steve Coppell's side would do a lot better than that. In my defence I do think it is important not to sit on the fence in these matters: someone has to finish bottom of the table and it seemed to me that by spending relatively little and keeping their Championship-winning team Reading might be making the same mistake the previous champions did a year earlier."

He went on to say "I am willing to revise my calculations substantially and boldly state that a) Reading will pass Sunderland's total by the end of November (I would have said Bonfire Night, but they have some tough games in the next few weeks), b) they will not touch the bottom of the Premiership, and c) they will stay up."

Reading fans will be delighted with this well deserved apology and will doubtless be waiting for bated breath for a horde of leading journalists to queue up with similar apologies

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