Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Update - Blair wants a revolution

Quick update to my previous piece on emission targets, renewable energy etc etc

Tony Blair says that he wants a technological revolution to slow global warming

Brilliant! Great! Fantastic!

Piece of news for you Mr Blair....

Number 1 "pushing for an international framework" doesn't count as revolutionary in my book.

Number 2 you are the leader of the government (I know this seems in doubt at times) and if you want these things to happen then start to think more radically about what needs to be done, lead from the front and make some really substantive changes.

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Tristan said...

Tony Blair is a technocrat through and through...
He believes that technology holds the answer to everything (eg the ID database and cards hold the solution to all our woes).

What he doesn't understand is that technology doesn't follow the rules he lays down. There may be great technological advances which 'solve' global warming, but there may not be. Until these solutions appear we need to be working with what we have at hand right now, which is actually quite a lot.

There does not seem to be the will to use existing technology (which is much more than micro-turbines/solar panels), why will there be a great desire to use new technology? (especially as its likely to be initially expensive)

Tony Ferguson said...

Agreed I am happy to look at new technology and see what can be developed but an awful lot could be done with what we know now. Technolgy which is now relatively expensive would or should be come a lot cheaper. Also the sooner we get stuck into these problems and the more we done as soon as possible the greater the impact

Nicola said...

Sadly any *right* thinking and acting upon it will not happen until it is too late.