Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Committee of MPs to consider Trident replacement

According to the radio this morning a Committee of MPs is to start considering the question of a replacement for Trident today.

Good. Late but good.

First three questions.

1. When did we first start developing a replacement for Trident?

2. How far have we got with this development?

3. How much have we spent so far and how much further expenditure is already committed?

And I assume that when these hearings commence they will consider the issue of whether or not we need or should have a replacement at all. Consideration of what Trident should be replaced with should await a decision that we should replace it.

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Tony Ferguson said...

link to the BBC site on this story


Wonder how much of the estimated £10bn has already been spent or does the clock only start on the £10bn once the go ahead is given.

I also wonder whether the £10bn covers the maintenance costs as well over the life of the system - I am sure it doesn't

Makes you wonder what else we could do with this money