Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Is it Cameron or Chameleon

I can't make up my mind. Mind you it looks as if he can't make up his mind and John Prescott was right!

He is a Liberal or so he says - come on you Lib Dems come and join me. Wait a minute if he is a Liberal he should join us.

Oh not to worry. He is New Labour now but without Blair. Delivering good public services is now important and he is the man to do it better than Tony. So maybe he should join New Labour - not Old Labour no never.

Hello whats this he is now a Green as well! Well perhaps he should join them instead.

In fact strangely enough the one thing he appears to be pretending not to be is an old fashioned right wing Conservative.

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Tristan said...

the 'green growth' thing is pretty much a cross party consensus now (apart from the Greens, neo-feudalists and luddites).
The thing is they've only just realised that its an important issue, and are trumpeting it because they know they'll get little opposition (on the principle anyway, the devil, as always, is in the details).

Tony Ferguson said...

Agreed - it is just the whole chameleon thing which struck me. I know I am way behind the times and Prescott had already made this judgement. As far as I am concerned he can carry out and eventually it will all come unglued

Anonymous said...

I recommend the term "Chameleron".