Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thailand - problems continue

The elections are on Sunday and then it looks as if we will be in uncharted waters.

The opposition boycott means that the elections could be declared unconstitutional so what happens then I don't know. The Peoples Alliance for Democracy has already asked the Election Commission to disqualify the Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from Sunday's election.

I have attempted to read the parts of the constitution to see what might happen but I can't work it out. Research on the internet so far has not turned up the answer. Some of the opposition seem to be suggesting that the King should intervene under section 7 which as far as I can tell says if it isn't covered by the constitution then the King decides. They want the King to appoint an interim Prime Minister who would oversee some democratic reforms before a further general election.

Meanwhile the demonstrations continue and it looks as if significant numbers may still be on the streets come Sunday although the report indicates that the numbers supporting the idea that the Prime Minister should resign appear to be falling.

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