Thursday, March 02, 2006

Is this $600,000 earnings for work done or a gift? Oh I don't know -Pull the other one.

This stuff is fairly incredible. Mr Mills is unclear as to whether or not a substantial sum he has received is a gift or earnings!! Indeed so unclear was he that he had to consult his accountant and the Inland Revenue before deciding that $600,000 was actually earnings on which he should pay tax. Interestingly he felt initially that it was a gift.

Either this was a gift in which case I wonder what he might have done to get such a "gift".

or alternatively of course it was not a gift in which case had the $600,000 been declared as a gift tax laws would have been broken.

I guess the public (and the media) will draw their own conclusions from this messy affair but I am sure that this one will run and run until inevitably within the next few weeks Tessa Jowell will go.

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Joe Otten said...

Do you think if I send Berlusconi a christmas card, I might get on his gift list? He seems a generous guy.

Tony Ferguson said...

A birthday card as well might not go amiss and what a return for the investment of a few quid. I would probably add that one is available to give "helpful evidence" at the drop of a hat should he require