Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Help - How do you create topics and a topic index

Does anyone know how to create topics and a topic index and then code each post with the topics it is related to? The idea is that I could have a list of topics (or codes or tags) such as Politics, Lib Dems, Football, Bikes etc etc and then code each post with the appropriate topic codes. There would then be a list of topics in the sidebar and people can click on the relevant topic to see posts related to that area. I am not sure if topics is the correct term but if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be most grateful.


Tristan said...

They're often called tags.

Unfortunately this isn't (yet?) built into blogger so you have to use a bolted on solution.

If you search then there are several solutions, the one I prefer uses the Greasemonkey Firefox extention to autmoate much of it.

I can't remember exactly where I found the info though, but a google for 'blogger tags' should find something.

HTH a little

Tristan said...

ugh... just done that search and it isn't much help...

'blogger categories' should give you more :)

(and things seem to have moved on since I last looked)

Will said...

If you want to add tags for the benefit of services like Technorati (which gathers together blog posts on similar subjects), you just need to add links to the relevant tags - see Technorati's site for instructions.

If you want categories indexed on your blog, unless Blogger has added this functionality recently my response is: switch to Wordpress :-) You might be able to fudge something with tags, but Blogger isn't really up to categorising properly.

Anonymous said...

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