Saturday, March 11, 2006

Race for 2nd hots up

Blunts slipped up and dropped three points at Coventry but sadly Leeds failed to take full advantage only managing a point at home to Norwich. I know at least one reader of this blog will be pleased with the Canaries point but quite how Andy Hughes managed to score a goal is beyond me. He is a hard worker alright but lets say that his crossing and shooting ability are not the best. Most Reading fans were delighted that Norwich were prepared to spend £500,000 on him last summer and thought Reading had robbed Norwich. For Leeds the race for the second automatic promotion spot is now actually in their own hands. All they have to is win their last nine games!! Meanwhile Reading extended their lead at the top to 15 points in a hard fought 0-0 draw with Watford. Reading had the better of the chances overall but clearly missed Glen Little on the right wing.

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Nicola said...

Ha - you know who was holding out for a win ............ and he is not fussy where the goals come from as long as they come from somewhere !

Tony Ferguson said...

Yep but it is such joy to see Sheffield Unbited coming apart at the seams. They may still stagger across the finishing line (in which case I will be looking fro play off tickets) but it is certainly making the finish to the season interesting and my dream 1-2 finish is still on