Monday, March 27, 2006

Government of National Unity rejected by opposition

Thai opposition parties have rejected the prime minister's offer to include them in a new government if he is re-elected in the elections on 2nd April. The unrest continues and I fear for were this all going to lead. We are in the process of researching flights and prices for a trip to Thailand early next year but I am beginning to wonder whether or not we should delay. I am sure we won't because we know what a lovely country it is and how lovely the people are.

However, the Foreign Office advice now includes the following section :

There have been a number of political demonstrations in early 2006, in both Bangkok and provincial towns. Opponents of the Prime Minister held major demonstrations in Bangkok on 13 and 14 March 2006. These passed off peacefully. However, a further large demonstration by opposition supporters is planned for
Saturday 25 March 2006 at Makawan Bridge near the Ministry of Education building. You should avoid large crowds and public gatherings, as there is a risk of public disorder.

I can imagine others who might be considering a holiday in Thailand will be starting to look elsewhere. If this damaging dispute continues then I fear for the impact on the tourist industry in Thailand and the effect on those who rely on it to earn a living.


Nicola said...

We agree it doesent look hopeful at all. The bird is wanting to take me to Thailand - and with the dog going to a new home (his sister) we are now in a position to plan.

Note the FO is also now warning against going to Paris as well.

Tony Ferguson said...

Well I hope you get to go anyway. Apart from the South where there are problems with the insurgency I would hope that the rest of Thailand will be ok despite the domestic troubles.

leila said...

Naa we will be going I am sure, just a matter of researching whether it is cheaper to organise the whole lot or get a package. I am sure Koh Samui will be good.

MsDemmie said...

I pretty sure a visit is on the cards ......... we just need the wherewithall now we have the "minding" - (kids and dog)sorted.