Thursday, March 02, 2006

MPs who never declared for one of the three candidates

I have checked the list of supporters for each of the three candidates and as far as I can see 56 MPs including the candidates declared their support for one of the three candidates.

That leaves 7 who have not declared

Charles Kennedy (who said as the former leader he would keep out of the contest)
Lembit Opik (who appears to be a Hughes supporter but will not say so)
Willie Rennie
Mark Oaten
Alan Beith
David Heath
Andrew Stunnell

Anyone have any ideas on who these seven supported - particularly the last five?

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Stephen Glenn said...

Willie Rennie was fighting his own election for most of the once elected he attended a number of hustings meetings were he showed no favouritism. I don't think anybody not even his agent or wife knows how he actually voted.

Richard Gadsden said...

Stunnell is the Chief Whip and felt he had to remain neutral.

Heath announced at the beginning that he wouldn't announce an endorsement

Oaten has probably been a bit busy trying to save his marriage

Beith is a bit elder-statesman these days.

Tony Ferguson said...

Thanks for that very helpful