Sunday, March 05, 2006

Redesign launched - comments welcome

I have redesigned my blog. Please feel free to have a look and all comments positive and negative would be most welcome. I know nothing about templates but found some information about a three column layout and customised it from there. So I am slowly learning about html and tags and colour codes etc. Anyway suggestions to improve this version would be most welcome


Anonymous said...

My eyes! My eyes! It hurts!

Couldn't you use a bit more restrained colour?

Tony Ferguson said...

I will see what others think but if that is the consensus then I will tone it down a bit - thanks for the comment it is much appreciated - the more input the merrier

MatGB said...

Black text on orange really doesn't work well. Looks pretty, hard to read.

Perhaps orange sidebars and a lighter yellow/cream central column? I'm getting utterly confused with my template; where did you get the info from?

Tony Ferguson said...

The info on 3 column templates came from here

I pl;ayed about with the columns so that the two side columns were the same and obviously fiddled about with other bits to change the colours, the links, the footer, add in some buttons, add my sitemeter and the Bush countdown at the bottom.

The colour codes I got from here

I think my first step will be to try toning the orange down - I am not sure how to do different colors for different sections but I will look at that as well

I also decided to do away with adsense as I felt that people were not visiting to get adverts and I moved the Google bar to the bottom as again it is not for others but I do like to use it myself.

I will probably add a few more links near the bottom so that all the sites I regularly visit can be reached from my Blog thereby providing a great facility for myself when abroad. So if I am in an internet cafe I just need to go to my blog and I can find all the links I need. Hope this helps but if you want any more information I will try to help - just bear in mind I am learning this as I go.

Thanks for your comment

Nicola said...

I prefer the new to the old style but agree that the orange is very striking - and quite hard to read against.

I may have to go and look and see if I can work out how to change mine around a little , thank you for the codes and references.

Tony Ferguson said...

Ok I have toned the colour down now

Different colours for each column may be a challenge though

MatGB said...

Yup, more readable. Thanks for the links. As for different colour columns, still working on it, currently have my posts and comments in boxes, wasn't the intent but seems to work, can't remember how I coded it though.

Good luck.

Tony Ferguson said...

Yes I have that problem as well. The problem seems to be that I make a change and preview it, if it makes no apparent difference or looks ok I move on to the next change and preview that. I need to learn to save after each successful change and I also need to learn how to add comments to the code so that I can add comments where I have changed the code