Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A long 39 Days

It is going to be a long 39 days until the end of the season if last nights performance by Leeds is anything to go by. Judging by the report and the comments on Sky last night it was a mixed game. Leeds had plenty of the ball and battered Palace with route one stuff. But it sounds as if Palace exhibited more skill on the break.

Matters are no longer in Leeds hands. As an expert at clutching at straws one can only hope that Sheffield United continue to falter and that Watford start to feel some of the pressure of being in pole position to take over 2nd spot. Being honest though on current form Watford look to be the favourites.

Why is it that the results of the team you support have such a postive or negative affect on how you feel?

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Nicola said...

I think teams possibly carry your hopes and fears - you care about them and their results - and sometimes (especially in the case of Norwich supporters) feel their pain !

And of course the more of a fan you are , the more you feel it.

I am not a fan - all this passes me by - but I have discussed with the bird about how it can affect a whole city's morale at times.

Tony Ferguson said...

Yes the mood in Reading is fairly optimistic at present and I will be celebrating as well but of course what I really want to see is Leeds in that 2nd spot. But at present it looks like the agony and hopefully the joy of the play offs - note to self check play off dates in diary check tyre pressures for trip to Cardiff (fingers crossed)

Anonymous said...

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