Friday, March 03, 2006

Move to the right? I hope not

If this story has any truth to it then I guess I voted correctly. Innovation by all means but the last thing that British politics needs is another Centre Right party

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Wallyxab said...

Thought that article was utter grauniad rubbish. 'activists fear lurch to the right'? Wasn't Ming elected by the members rather than a select cabal?

Tristan said...

The term 'Orange Bookers' is lazy journalism and an attack from the self-defined 'social liberals' in the party. (I thought we were all social liberals, its so central to the party).

The party will never go down a 'Blairite' route, simply because we are not a collectivist party and do not believe the ends justify the means. That is also the reason we are economically liberal.

What do you mean by a shift to the right anyway?
Economic liberalism was the great cause of the left before special interests and collectivism took over the left.

Anonymous said...

That would kind of balance things now when Cameron is turning the Conservatives as a Centre Left party.