Thursday, March 09, 2006

Remember Charles I

This government is unbelievable. Identity cards, curbs on freedom of expression, people detained without trial, illegal wars, rendition flights, the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill and now this suggestion that Members of Parliament should have an arbitrary limit placed on the number of questions they should ask. Parliament is becoming more and more neutered. If we carry on like this there will soon be little point in our elected representatives turning up at all. Four centuries ago their predecessors took a stand against the power of the monarchy. The time has come for present day Members of Parliament to make a similar stand against the growing powers of the executive before it is too late.

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Tristan said...

Parliament used to be there to counter the monarch (or at least the Commons was). Now the Prime Minister has assumed most of the powers of the monarch and there is very little check upon him and what checks are there are being systematically removed, probably for 'effective government'.

Tony Ferguson said...

Yes. And in many ways as this goes on so government becomes more and more ineffective as it becomes more and more remote from the people. Then we wonder why election turnouts are falling (particularly in local elections) as power is sucked to the centre.

Chandira said...

I moved to the US, and it's worse here.. It takes a more insidious form. McCarthyism still rules, people here are afraid to speak out. Ther'es a lot of paranoia.
Do all you can to make the changes you want to see. Take action.

I never thought I'd say that I miss Tony Blair. But then, I've been gone 5 years now. I guess a lot has changed at home.