Friday, February 17, 2006

Hughes for Leader (but he should appoint Huhne as his deputy)

It has taken me along time to decide but finally I have decided to plump for Simon Hughes as my first preference. But he might like to consider Chris Huhne as his deputy.

Ultimately for me it came down to Simons ability to communicate the Liberal Democrat vision across a wide range of topics. He is passionate and inspiring and I feel that these are essential qualities in a leader. He clearly needs to ensure that he has good people around him who can organise him and just as critically ensure that our policies are revisited in a methodical and structured way. Chris Huhne would be ideal for the job

Tag Lib Dems


Will said...

Although the leader could probably influence the vote if he chose to, he won't appoint the deputy - it's a post elected by the parliamentary party.

Paul said...

I'd be quite happy with Simon as leader. Anybody but Ming.

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