Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hughes bloggers fight back

After a slow start when all the visitors seemed to be pro Huhne the bloggers for Hughes made a sterling effort to fight back. I also had a phone call last night from a Hughes supporter who stressed two key areas. 1. The vision thing and 2. Who is best placed to lead a charge to take seats off labour at the next general election. I may revise the list of pros and cons later but in the end I think it will come down to which factors are most important to me to decide who gets that 1st preference.

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Paul said...

One small riposte - about the fact that Simon will have hordes of aides who will keep him on time if he is leader. Well, Charlie-boy had hordes of aides but he was still late often. The contrast with Huhnes is stark because ruthless and comprehensive organisation is one of his strong points. Having built up a large business he has these organisational skills, whereas Simon doesn't seem to be even able to organise himself properly. I don't think I can face the torture of having to cover up for a leader with weak organisational skills who forgets what has been put on his web site, fumbles key answers like that about his sexuality (which he must have known about for over 40 years - so it wasn't exactly a surprise question he was faced with!) is late for meetings etc etc

Nicola said...

This outsider would back Huhne ....

I am uncomfortable with Ming and the "assassination" .

I was dissapointed with the manner in which Simon Hughes dealt with the sexuality issue - he missed a real opportunity there.

Huhne may be the youngest and lack the strength of service of the others - but that doesent seem to have done either Mr Blair or Mr Cameron any harm at all.