Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Huhne Credibility shot to pieces

Just as I was coming round to the idea that Chris Huhne was serious contender I saw the article in the Times on line (see link).
He lives, he tells The Times after some prompting, in his Hampshire constituency
and Clapham, South London, is married with three children and two stepchildren,
drives an environmentally friendly hybrid car and supports Chelsea and
Southampton football teams.

How someone can support two teams is beyond me. I just hope that this is normal journalistic inaccuracy and that he supports Southampton and follows Chelsea (or vice-versa). To me it is impossible to "Support" two teams. I support Leeds and follow Reading. My son supports Reading and follows Leeds. Neither of us support both teams and when they play each other we are in different ends.

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Joe Otten said...

...and yet it is common for politicians to 'support' both local teams - Wednesday and United for example.

In both cases 'follow' would be more accurate, as you suggest, but only a supporter would appreciate the nuance.

Tony Ferguson said...

and in supporting both teams they offend the supporters of both teams. I know another politician who switched his allegiance when he moved to a different city. I have tried to warn him of the dangers of getting caught out on this one!

Paul said...

Funny how choosing a leader of a party can boil down to personal hobby interests. Football in your case, and in the case of my eight year old daughter, she gave Menzies Campbell her first preference because he emphasised helping the poor and the environment in his spiel, but mostly because he was an olympic runner and she is very keen on running.

Tony Ferguson said...

Don't worry about me - I won't be using this as my basis for how I eventually vote. But I do worry that some politicians don't understand some of the electorate they are trying to connect with