Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Revised Pros and Cons

Just my opinion after reading the comments so far so I have only change my list if I agree with the comment that was made

Hughes Pros

The most passionate and inspiring speaker who communicates a positive Lib Dem vision

Bigger constituency majority.

Experience in parliament.

Deeper understanding over a broad range of subjects.

Energy and enthusiasm.

Best placed to make lead the Lib Dems in making inroads into Labour seats.

Hughes Cons

Not the most coherent when arguing policy detail (seems too long winded and unfocussed). His manner can appear a little disordered.

Lack of time keeping.

Setting unrealistic targets e.g. 100,000 members whilst president. Making them public (and possibly not following through on them).

Judgement e.g. the long equivocation over his sexuality and inability to make a clear stand on being bisexual and not gay (e.g. on Question Time). Also his inability to understand that (at present) the vast majority of the general public do not differentiate between gay and bisexual.

Huhne Pros

Experience as an ecomomist, journalist and MEP.

Great on Taxation and Economy.

Good on policy generally.

Strong on subsidiarity

Good organisational skills

Has created a credible campaign seemingly from nowhere.

Huhne Cons

Lack of experience as an MP.

Small majority (maybe his profile as leader will help but it will also make him a target).

Came across as weaker in non areas other than the economy.

Lacks passion and charisma in presenting his case.

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Paul said...

You've put an extraordinary amount of thought into this. I thought Chris Huhne came across on Question Time as a very powerful and articulate speaker, someone with great passion. I don't see the lack of charisma thing. Compare Chris with Ming and you appreciate Chris' natural passion against Ming's rather manufactured "I'll have to do this to get elected leader" passion. Compare Chris with Simon: On the one side you have Simon with his smiles and very good points. On the other hand you have Chris who comes across as very pleasant but doesn't smile like Simon for the sake of it when he (Simon) doesn't know what else to do; and puts across points with the same level of passion and potency as Simon. In fact, I think Chris Huhne is better than Simon at putting across punchy, powerful points - whereas Simon finds it very difficult to make short points (I don't think I have heard him make many one liners in response to questions - he usually hunkers down for a University-level seminar when he answers a question). Up against Blair, Brown and Cameron, I see Chris as packing a more powerful punch than Simon, because Simon will attack from the left, whereas Chris will take them head on. In essence, I don't think Blair, Brown and Cameron have much to worry about if the leader is Simon. But Chris Huhne will be more than a match for both Blair, Brown and Cameron - particularly Brown on economics. I think Brown will make very short work of Hughes and get him completely tangled up on economics. Huhne can easily take on Brown on economics and thereby will show up Cameron as an economic lightweight in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting point .......

Tom said...

Don't forget that Simon's majority was halved by Labour at the last election, against all the national trends - he could be in a bit of trouble too...

Paul said...

I am reminded of "It's the economy, stupid"

leila said...

Simon came to visit the Slater Centre today and has gone up the ladder in my view. He made some intelligent points, talked to the clients without patronising them and generally appeared bright and caring. I would definitely want him as my MP (if I lived in Southwark, obviously, as I would want David as my MP if I lived in West Berkshire which I have just realised I dont!! Blast Redwood). Having said that I do realise that MP is different to leader but I think Hughes has the ability to inspire which is important.


oh and Paul, keep what in the kitchen!! When we meet up it is not usually in the kitchen.

Tony Ferguson said...

So is Simon going to get your 1st preference? - sorry I can't ask you this in the kitchen but I am not there at present