Thursday, February 02, 2006

How to decide 1-2-3

I am still pondering the question of how to vote in the leadership election. I guess the matter is not yet pressing as I have a few weeks before I have to make my final decision and as we all know a week is a long time in politics and a lot can happen between now and then.

I can see strengths and weaknesses for all three candidates. I have spoken to supporters of Ming, Chris and Simon who have all made strong arguments for their candidate.

Maybe I should draw up a table, list the factors that are important to me and then score each candidate out of 5 for each factor. Add up the numbers and vote accordingly.

So what factors might be important (to me) in deciding how to split the three candidates - following a quick brainstorm I have come up with this initial list

  • Experience
  • Gravitas
  • Age
  • Safety of own seat
  • Appeal to electorate
  • Support of MP's in Parliament
  • Environmental Policy
  • Policy on coalitions
  • Economic/Taxation Policy

Maybe there are some others but that is my initial list

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Pete Simpson said...


hope you don't mind me saying, but the fact that you include 'gravitas' on your list makes me wonder that you've been influenced by the campaigns as to what is important, and the list is not completely of your own thinking.

All the candidates have experience, appeal and support.

And believe it or not but all the candidates have safe seats, were they to be leader of course.

Look to history, and the marginal to safe seat leap of Michael Howard and Jeremy Thorpe for evidence.

So why not turn Eastleigh into a safe seat and support the canadidate who also puts words into action and drives an environmentally car rather than a jaguar and a volvo.

I am not part of Chris' campaign team, I am just desparate for him to win for the future of our party.

Tony Ferguson said...

I don't mind you saying at all the more dialogue the better.

I am sure you are right as to why "Gravitas" sprung to mind. It might be better dropped from this list anyway as on reflection I think it fits better as part of what I termed "appeal to electorate"

I agree that all the candidates have experience, appeal and support - I guess I will rank them according to my opinion / perception.

I understand the environmental argument about the cars but on that basis I would swap my Harley for a moped and I afraid to say that hell will freeze over first!

Paul said...

They'll all be at Slough on Saturday week for a hustings so that will be a good opportunity to compare them

Tony Ferguson said...

Not sure that I will be able to go but If I can I will