Thursday, February 23, 2006

The honeymoon is over

Good news. Camerons honeymoon is over. At least that is the way it seems if you read the article in todays Guardian. The best quote in the article was as follows:

"Lord Tebbit, former party chairman, compared Mr Cameron's "purge" of Thatcherism to the actions of Pol Pot."

Even more amusingly Robin Harris a speech writer for Thatcher is quoted as saying "There are good reasons why every Tory leader since Margaret Thatcher has started by proclaiming the party's transformation into something kinder, gentler and more leftwing - and then conducted a sharp rightward turn."

Hmmm fascinating. I guess Mr Harris struggles to find the flaw in his argument - namely the thrashing the Tories have received at the last three general elections.

The article then goes on to say that his (Camerons) fate will depend on progress in the polls and performance at the May local elections. I know we are all used to regular changes of Tory leader but I am amazed that the press (albeit The Guardian) are talking about his fate as leader so soon after he was elected. Ho hum. Happy Days

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Joe Otten said...

Dave, Nice but Knave hits back:


Paul said...

Yes, all the old endorphins come flooding back! A fascinating comment from Dave, Nice but Knave: "we aren't abandoning our values of hating change and hating the poor". A absolute Classic! I will send it to the Liberal Democrat News "People" column.

Paul said...

Is Dave Nice but Knave ironic? Oh dear I missed that. Must be getting old.