Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Campbell and Huhne Square Up

Judging by the reports in yesterdays Guardian Campbelland Huhne now see themselves as the main rivals to win the leadership battle. I guess that may make the 2nd preferences of Simon Hughes supporters critical to both candidates as to who will ultimately win this contest.

I guess I am also slightly concerned about the tone of some of this although I guess it is entirely natural. I just hope the entire parliamentary party will get back on an even keel following the election and give their wholehearted support to the new leader (whoever it is)

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Paul said...

I am sure they will, mainly because the election process is so fair and comprehensive. As I took the three ballot papers for our family down to the postbox, I had a good feeling. Call me an old anorak, but the STV/ATV system really helps in a situation like this in that it really sorts out a situation in one simple ballot. It beats the several-iterated Tory system, that's for sure.