Monday, February 27, 2006

Sheffield United players banned from pubs

Brilliant Brilliant - long may this continue.

So now we know why Sheffield (Uniteds) season is starting to collapse around their ears. They have been down the pub too often. But don't worry all you Leeds fans although Warnock has banned them from pubs until the end of the season he is quoted as saying

"This is not an alcohol ban however, they can get drunk at home after the game if they want to."

Please feel free to carry on getting drunk!

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Joe Otten said...

Such are the straws Leeds fans must clutch at.

Tony Ferguson said...

Well if Sheffield fans are happy for their players to be pissing it up then who am I to complain. 10 games to go and I know who is going to be more worried. If we have to settle for the playoffs so be it but I am certain we will give the blades a run for their money

Barrie Wood said...

At Forest we haven't even got straws to clutch onto ;-(

Tony Ferguson said...

Oh I don't know I am a great fan of it not being over until the fat lady sings! 6 points out of 6 and a 7-1 crushing of Swindon must give some cause for optimism although the playoffs look to be a bit of a stretch for you