Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hughes & Huhne campaigns go AWOL

The lack of e-campaigning from the Hughes and Huhne campaigns has puzzled me. I registered with all three campaigns in their different ways in the hope that I would get to see what each candidate had to say and make my mind up accordingly.

So far I have had 11 electronic contacts from the Campbell campaign, 3 from Hughes and 3 from Huhne. In addition to this I have had 3 printed communications from Huhne, 2 from Campbell and 1 from Hughes plus the booklet with my ballot paper.

Now lack of printed communications I can understand as it is expensive to produce and send out but I am baffled at the lack of email communications from the Hughes and Huhne campaigns.

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Rob F said...

I suppose it depends what you mean by e-campaign.

I run the Hughes e-campaign and while we're averaging a couple of e-mails to our entire subscribers database a week, I've made a conscious decision not to deluge people with e-mails.

On top of the couple a week that go to all subscribers, there are targeted mails to various regions and types of supporters.

Simon's had by far and away the busiest blog of the three campaigns in terms of comments, and the e-hustings has also generated masses of interest. Also today, Simon texted all of his supporters.

There are different perspectives on this obviously - this morning I read a complaint on the LDYS message boards from someone complaining that they were drowning under Huhne campaign e-mails!

An e-campaign is about much more than e-mail...

Tony Ferguson said...

I would agree that an e-campaign has much more to offer than just enmails. However, for those who specifically subscribe I would have thought more information would be good. Having said that in order to join the Hughes campaign I think I had to indicate I was a supporter even though I am undecided

Will said...

I don't know how you're missing out, Tony, but I usually get a daily summary from the Huhne campaign with all the latest news stories from the website. Plus I've had a couple of emails from MP supporters on why they're backing him.

Anonymous said...

I get a daily update from the Huhne campaign also.

I have also had half a dozen campaign emails and a lovely one from Lynne.

Paul said...

Yes, I've been inundated by mails from Chris Huhne.

Tony Ferguson said...

Well I have had a couple of the MP emails mentioned and I think one other so they clearly have my email address but are not using as much as for some others.