Thursday, February 09, 2006

Huhne marginally but....

Huhne is marginally ahead in my book but only based on 3 wonderful posts on Alex Wilcocks blog (see link). If I had to make my decision on this basis then I would probably plump for Huhne but still worried about his majority and the chances that the tories will throw the kitchen sink at Eastleigh

However I am not making my mind up on this basis so I am off to watch Question Time in a minute and then I will go to the Hustings in Slough on Saturday

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Paul said...

They threw the ktchen sink at Eastleigh last time but didn't win. Conversely, we threw the kicthen sink at Felixstowe last time but didn't win because (in great part) Michael Howard had all the coverage which comes from being a party leader.

Paul said...

Question Time: Mary, Mungo and Ming.

I thought Chris Huhne came across very strongly indeed, particularly on economics, but got a bit drowned on the point about parliamentary experience.

Simon was his normal shifty self. I am afraid his manner just puts me off and I can imagine - rightly or wrongly - it putting a lot of people off.

Ming was very strong particularly on poverty. He made some very strong speeches. However, he looked like an "old man in a hurry" which may or may not be OK. It just seems unnatural for an old man to be getting himself worked up into such a lather about things. One point - he said he advised Charles Kennedy not to go on the march against the Iraq invasion. I find that extremely significant. The main plus point of Charlie-boy was that he opposed the war and going on the march was the most visible sign of that. So, faced with the same situation, Ming would stay at home. That's a dreadful prospect of timidity in my view - conservative with a small "c" to put it charitably.

Tony Ferguson said...

Michael Howard is I think Folkestone and Hythe so I am not sure about where Felixstowe fits in as to my views on Question Time a separate post will cover that in a few minutes time