Thursday, February 02, 2006

BNP leader should resign

I fail to see how the BNP leader and his colleague could be acquitted but there you go its a funny old world

If the BNP leader is not a racist and is not guilty of stirring up racial hatred then (presumably) he should resign as the Leader of the BNP for failing to lead his party!!

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Paul said...

Interestingly, according to the Guardian: "Four charges deadlocked the jury, including the pub speech where Mr Griffin used the "vicious, wicked faith" lines".

I saw the BBC programme. His pub speech was the central charge against him, I thought, so the fact that the jury were split on it and that there will be a retrial on that charge suggests that the second shoe is still to drop on this one.

I thought it was very funny seeing all Nick Griffin's heavies surrounding him. Everytime he opens his mouth I think he gives most right-thinking people the creeps. So, long may he continue to open it (his mouth that is).

He seems a deeply insecure person who needs to say all sorts of nonsense to reassure himself. Quite a pathetic man in many ways. It astounds me that he went to Cambridge. Did he have a lobotomy performed on him at his graduation ceremony? Or did his involvement in collegiate boxing perhaps zap his brains out?

Nicola said...

I find it ironic that this case and that of Abu Hamza have reached the courts at the same time. I suspect if differeing judgements are laid down, there will be appeals and closer inspection of the law.