Thursday, April 20, 2006

Why people vote

Psychologists have come up with this formula as part of the Electoral Commission's attempts to get more people to vote in the local elections this year. Anything which can get some of the very low turnouts up has to be worth a try I guess.

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Nicola said...

Should there be an outside link to the article/forlmula ?

Tony Ferguson said...

Thats what comes of trying to be too clever and embedding the link in the word formula. If you hover over formula it is a link and you can click on it - hope this helps

Meanwhile I need to rethink how I do this - will see if I can underline in future to make more obvious. I will have to look at again when I relaunch my site with the new design which should be coming soon

Nicola said...

AH I was expecting it to be in teh title like mine ....... didnt even put the cursor over the main text !

Nicola said...

Now that I have found it - it makes interesting reading. I do however think it ommits a factor to quantify the ability of the voter in question to understand the issues - but I sense that might be a whole new equation!