Monday, April 10, 2006

Ferrets in a sack again

The Blairites hate the Brownites and Milburn might stand (although I doubt it). The Brownites hate the Blairites. The two of them just managed to be polite to each other for their local election launch before civil war broke out again. At least (from their point of view) Brown is out of the country. It is starting to look like a plan to ensure that one or other of them is out of the country at all times. Hattersley has helpfully weighed in over the weekend with his opinion and the unions are now getting stuck in as well. Meanwhile the Tories are struggling to make any progress. Life is looking up!

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Nicola said...

Let them fight - let it get nasty - let them have a thumping local election loss ........

(Exits stage left whistling "True Colours")