Friday, April 14, 2006

Generals want Rumsfeld to go

I would be happy about this if it were not for two things

1. He probably won't go.

2. If he does he will probably be replaced by someone just as bad


Andy said...

Indeed, I can't help but feel that the whole debate is something of a diversion from the issues. The Bush administration can always put someone else in place to carry out the policies.

Marie said...

I like him.

Tony Ferguson said...

At least you are still free to express that view although at this rate in the US and the UK with the sorts of legislation Bush and Blair are pushing we won't be free to express ourselves at all - witness those arrested at the cenotaph for reading out the names of the fallen in Iraq

Ricardo said...

I'm from the states and I can't stand the man. I just complained about him over on my blog. Unfortunately he will be replaced by someone just as bad or worse if he left. I'm sorry to hear that the thought police are running things in the UK as well. Great blog.