Monday, April 17, 2006

Ming sticks it to the Tories

Ming laid into the Tories in an interview on (see link). I feel this is good ground to be on. Cameron drafted the last Tory manifesto and the Labour Party and the Conservative Party are squabbling over who can run the shop best. If we can sharpen up our act and get our alternative message across we can make some headway.

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Nicola said...

I think Ming and others also need to be looking at those who are so disaffected by labout that they are considering the BNP.

These are the people who are alienated by *champagne socialism* multiple million pound mortgages , the people whose pensions are at risk / have been lost and whose wages are pegged to 2%/4% but whose gas and electricity bill and rates have incresed by 17%, 22% and 12/15% respectively.

These are people looking for someone to blame - the BNP focuses that.

Tony Ferguson said...

Fair comment I saw the report about the BNP as well