Thursday, April 20, 2006

Why a Harley Davidson Fatboy?

We are somewhat fans of the Harley Davidson Fatboy in this house. I have owned one for four years and my wife is in the process of acquiring one (pictures to follow sometime soon). If you read this review from American V you will see why.

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web_loafer said...

Fatboys sound great when they pass me on the highway. (I'm a truck driver, in charge of moving 40 tons of freight down the highways)
I have one question, Why in the world do you try to squeeze the left lane and make my job harder. If you had a lick of sense you would not ride center stripe to fog stripe two fat ones wide, you would be trying to help the truck driver out. But it seems like when three or more of you get together and roll down the highways, you make my job harder. Do you have a clue as to how it is to be taking 40 tons of steel and freight down a highway, and have a motorcycle, (what's it weigh, 1/2 half of a ton) straddling the center dividing line. All of us truckers love you.
But you are hard to see in the landscape of the highway, and you seem to dare us to run you over.
I am not going to kill my self for you.
Grow up, and look around.
Sure your machine makes racket and moves fast...
My machine moves slow and I could legally transport 120 squashed Harleys over the road, and I would hate to hit a bump on the road and not be able to keep from pancaking a bike rider who insisted on crowding the lanes out there. You know exactly what I am talking about. Please for the love of Pete, ride single file in the middle of the fast lane. Please.
This is not a putdown, I love to take the fat one out on the road, but I would never play dare you with a truck, and truck driver.

Tony Ferguson said...

When I am out and about by myself I try to keep as far away from the lorries as possible. If nothing else the draught from large lorries can destabilise the bike. If am riding with my wife one will stay behind the other. However when the local HOG group does a rideout they all ride in staggered formation which increase the chance of the sort of problem you refer to