Sunday, April 02, 2006

Thai Polls close

The polls have now closed in Thailand and according the BBC article preliminary results will be available later today with full official results not expected until Tuesday.

The BBC also produced a Q&A guide and I have reproduced some key bits from that below :
The Thai constitution technically allows for a one-party election. But to
win a seat the sole party contesting has to show it has won at least 20% of all
eligible votes.

Observers say the outcome of the previous general election, held in
February 2005, shows the Thai Rak Thai party may have difficulty in reaching
this target in at least 60 constituencies.

Under the constitution, all 500 parliamentary seats must be filled for the
lower house to convene, and there is no precedent for what happens if this does
not take place.

The constitution only states that a full parliament must convene within
30 days of the election. All parliamentary seats must be filled for a prime
minister to be elected and a government to be formed.

The Election Commission Secretary General Ekachai Waroonprapa recently
warned that the election might not produce a parliament. "We have prepared
several options to be ready for whatever the election results are," he told a
local Thai TV station.

It looks as if we are headed for an inconclusive election result and I would love know what the options are but I guess we will have to wait and see.

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