Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tories want to ban abortion

At least according to this bill (see link) which according to my research was introduced by the Conservative MP for Tewkesbury - Laurence Robertson. Many politicians and religious leaders have suggested that it is time to have a review of the current situation and for parliament to have another look given that is is over 16 years since parliament last voted on the issues. Most of these suggestion seem to centre on the idea that the debate should centre on whether or not to reduce the time limit for an abortion from 24 weeks to 20 weeks. This bill suggests that all abortions should be banned unless the womans life is at risk or the pregnancy was caused by rape. Luckily this has virtually no chance of becoming law as a private members bill but it is important that people think through the logical consequences were such a piece of legislation to be passed. According to LibertyCentral "one of the immediate effects of South Dakota's new prohibitionist law on abortion was a massive surge in Google searches for advice on how to carry out DIY abortions, a consequence that most reasonable people would prefer not to have to contemplate"

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Tristan said...

I'm not surprised...
There's still a very large authoritarian, socially prescriptive group in the Tories.
Hopefully they'll end up further marginalising the Tories and driving the liberal/libertarian wing in our direction.