Monday, April 24, 2006

New Blog Design

Having fiddled about a lot myself I have brought in an expert to gave the blog a professional makeover

Changes include : -

  • The new header
  • A move back to one sidebar
  • A consolidation of all the links into drop downs
  • The introduction of categories or tags

Hope everyone likes it - let me know what you think


James said...

IMHO the header is too large - it ought to be half as tall.

Biscit said...

Nice template.

Nicola said...

Nice template - would adjust the header as James suggests if it were me .

Scottage said...

I like the template...the color is a bit bright, and can be difficult on the eyes as a result, but otherwise I like it tons.

prying1 said...

I agree on the header - Perhaps a smaller font - ballot box lower or even partially behind the bike. I do like the color but I wonder on some monitors if it might be hard to read.