Monday, December 04, 2006

Protest Rally on December 10th

According to The Nation here there is an anti coup rally planned for Bangkok on 10th December

Clearly the new government is still concerned about pro Thaksin elements out in the regional administrations and their potential support for such a protest rally.

The rally is officially billed as a rally against the military coup and the interim government. Network leader Ji Ungpakorn said his group was entitled to protest dictatorship and the junta could not stop them. "We announce here that we will not negotiate with any dictators because they have no legitimacy. Their power was acquired undemocratically,'' he said.

The military will need to exercise extreme caution in dealing with this protest rally if things are not to get out of hand. The rally is an opportunity for pro Thaksin elements to take on the government and turn up the heat and I fully expect that to happen.

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