Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bureaucracy gone mad

Story from the BBC here. The basic story is that the good people of Embsay, in the Yorkshire Dales are organising a village Christmas party and they have now been told they must carry out a risk assessment of their mince pies - or their festivities will be cancelled.

The local council has told them that posters will have to be displayed at the warning villagers the pies contain nuts and suet pastry. The cocoa content and temperature of the hot chocolate must also be checked.

The organiser is quoted as saying "Everything we do, from putting tinsel up to providing refreshments has to be assessed. We have to consider the dangers involved, that someone might choke on their mince pie or have a nut allergy.”

Craven Council's director of community services, Jonathan Kerr, said: "We support these community events and we try to help local communities organise them and make sure they are as safe as possible."

At some point somewhere in the future we are all going to wake up to the reality of the mad world we now inhabit (where children cannot play with conkers and Christmas decorations are banned from offices) and someone is going to have to work out how we can redraw the lines in such a way that we are not all constantly wrapped in cotton wool and yet we protect people from genuine and serious dangers.


Joe Taylor said...

Shhhh! It might have been us! ;-)

Craven is a bit odd though - I think they have independents on the exec? I'm sure someone can explain how it works (and who's responsible for this howler...)

msdemmie said...

Crazy ..................