Saturday, December 09, 2006

Guardian Advent 9th December

Todays link takes you here. This is a website all about Mistletoe. You can find out all about the Tenbury Mistletoe Festival. I was amazed to read that there was loads of mistletoe, and all very-heavily berried. I was led to believe that Mistletoe was in such short supply that anyone buying was almost criminally guilty of killing off a plant that was in severe decline.

Apparently not so. The site goes on to say that with the glut of mistletoe prices are low - normally they expect in the region of 700 - 800 entries at the first sale... this year they received 1,100 lots. Quality mistletoe was selling at 50p - 70p per pound - about half what it makes in some years.

There is even a specialist Mistletoe Consultancy called Mistletoe Matters which provides information on all aspects of mistletoe in the UK.

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