Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Guardian Advent 12th December

Todays link is here. It takes you to a quiz where you can answer some questions to determine your Christmas Style. It turns out mine is : Boringly Normal.

Christmas is all about Christmas. Sometimes that means enjoyment, sometimes that means survival. You pick the bits you like and get through.

You think about presents in terms of the recipient, and try and be a little bit original and creative, or at least get them something you know they'll actually use. Your gifts make perfect theoretical sense but sometimes go underappreciated.

You tire of the excessive consumerism of the season, but you contribute your bit - you spend more than you expect, but you don't see yourself as adding to the problem. You think you aren't influenced by advertising or media, but you are (a bit).

You are probably middle class. You probably own a jumper. You may well read the Guardian. You have straight hair. Your children write thank you letters, and if you don't have any, you do it yourself.


msdemmie said...

Nice Snowman !

Tony Ferguson said...

I have tried to use snowmen wherever possible for some strange reason - must be my love of snowmen

Nicola said...

They are rather adorable - was especially pleased to see the link to Raymond Briggs Smowman site as well.