Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy Missmas!

Happy Missmas - let me explain. My wife and I are what is commonly known as retreads. In other words this is our second marriage and we both have three kids from our previous marriage. Traditionally all six of our kids spend the 25th December with their other parent and so we celebrate Christmas at a different time. Add in the complications of Boxing Day on the 26th, one childs birthday on the 28th, New Years Eve on the 31st and New Years Day on the 1st and we finally settled on the 30th as the best day for our celebration. This had the advantage that the 29th was also free. This event was first christened Missmas by my wife a few years ago and the name seems to have stuck ever since. So yesterday was Missmas Eve and today is Missmas Day. My wife and I, our six children and two of their partners will be sitting down to a meal that as far as I can tell will consist of five different joints! Happy Missmas.

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MsDemmie said...

Happy Missmas to you all - have a fantastic day.