Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 another year gone

Well 2006 is nearly done so here is my review of the year

In January 2006 I started this blog and my Fatboy returned with its new paintwork - oh and Charles Kennedy resigned and the leadership battle kicked off.

February came and my wife decided she wanted a bigger one! and we had a great result in Dunfermline.

March had hardly begun and Ming Campbell was elected leader of the Liberal Democrats whilst I maintained my record of never having voted for the leader. Reading finally achieved Premiership status after 135 years.

In April Reading took the Championship title before going on to break the all time points record for the division. Meanwhile Leeds qualified for the playoffs. Trouble in Thailand started to brew as the results of the election were annulled. And the bigger one that my wife wanted arrived.

May was not a good month. Leeds qualified for the playoff final and the right to play in the most lucrative game in world football and then promptly flopped.

The highlights in June were not Engalnd at the World Cup. At least I got to see Tracy Chapman in Bristol

By July I think I had lost the will to blog following the flops by Leeds and England respectively. Either that or I was too busy enjoying the good weather on my bike. I know that we did a wonderful tour on our Harleys around all our friends in the West Country.

The highlights of August included Reading winning their opening game in the Premiership and the South of England Harley Rally. Sadly I all too accurately predicted that the military might intervene in Thailand.

September brought the coup in Thailand, the sacking of Kevin Blackwell and best of all a week in Amsterdam.

October brought us an opinionated Chief of General Staff and much discussion about the way forward in Iraq. Reading took part in a blistering encounter with Chelsea where both of Chelseas goalkeepers were injured and much hot air was spouted by Mr Mourinho. Meanwhile the fourth manager in a month took over at Elland Road.

November I will remember most for two entirely different reasons. Firstly, the showing of the film An Inconvenient Truth at Newbury Corn Exchange and secondly the champagne launch for the Reading Wags charity.

In December Reading went joint third in the Premiership at one point whilst doom and gloom prevailed at Elland Road. Thailand continued to suffer with stockmarket turmoil, protest rallies and a secret special operations force.

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