Monday, May 08, 2006

Thailand - elections annulled

The Constitutional Court has decided to annul the election results from the 2nd April and has determined that a new general election will be held. Quite where this leaves things is uncertain. A new general election will need to be held (date not clear yet) and it is by no means certain that the opposition parties will take part in this one either. Nor is it certain that Thaksin Shinawatra will not be involved given his popularity in the rural areas which adds so much to the support for his party Thai Rak Thai. If the opposition parties do take part and the election can be completed there is no certainty that Thaksin will feel obliged to stand by his resignation as Prime Minister. In any case it is not clear what the path will be for agreeing and implementing democratic reforms. Additionally the position of the Election Commission must be somewhat perilous given the courts ruling but where they to resign or be removed there appears to be no way to constitutionally replace them!


w.y. said...

quite interesing, you are an Britain while paying attention to Thailand Politics.

Tony Ferguson said...

I have been to Thailand several times and love both the country and the people. I have an interest in politics so it is natural to take an interest in the politics of the places I go. I see you are in Malaysia. What is Malaysia like for a holiday and how are the politics there?